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Finch is a shapeshifter whose main form is an elf. He can turn into any living creature, but has a preference for the form of a crow and, secondly, a horse. Finch is a skilled swordsman, but would certainly rather not fight if the choice is there.

Finch has an unfortunate and painful past.

I really can’t say much about him because mostly all of it is spoilers.

Ursula Velding is the Empress of the Vampyryn Empire: the largest kingdom of the vampires. She maintains a very serious composure, but cares very deeply for her citizens. Ursula would probably make an excellent psychologist if she weren’t busy ruling, being a wonderful listener and having a knack for analyzing the humanoid mind. Being the ruler of such a vast and endangered land can be very stressful at times though, so she will often be found trying to meditate or with a big cup of calming tea in her hand.

Ever since Ursula was little she has experienced flashes of events before they happen, an inherited skill that she tries to harbour and use to predict the future.

Ursula doesn’t come into the story for a while.

As a side note (sadly I feel I need to bring this up) yes, I like vampires, but not the super sexy or sparkly kind. I hope I can bring a better name to them.


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