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Almost completely forgot to do this, so I had to do a quick sketch during my lunch hour.

Here are a bunch of my main characters all dressed up for Halloween. Alistar is a skeleton... always.

I would love to colour this, but I will not have my tablet with me tonight. I might do it anyway, even if it will be a bit late.

Hope all you folks have the happiest of Halloweens! 

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Below are sketches of some of the main characters from my comic. 
I've been developing this for seven years, planning and roughing out pages, but never really had the courage to show it to anyone outside of my closest friends due to a fear I've had since childhood of character theft. However, recently, thanks to my good friends [ profile] ardent_star and [info]ukiiukii, I've gotten wonderful encouragement and become brave-ish enough to do this.

First, there are a few things I need to explain about the premise of my comic for these character descriptions to make sense. There are three separate dimensions that exist my comic's world; the second would be what we consider Earth, as well as the rest of our universe, and the third is where the majority of the story takes place. In the third dimension, there are many different types of creatures and humanoid species who are born to and can use magic, unlike humans.

A rabid reader, Crissy knows a lot more than most kids her age, especially about the way things work, and is always keen to learn more. When her mother was struck with a sudden illness that devastated the family, Crissy took on a lot of responsibility around the farm, including tending to the tractor (her favourite toy). During this time period, she also developed a strong urge to help people in any way possible. While this is both a blessing and a curse, it also makes her quite brave.

Unlike his sister, Peter is a lot more timid and prefers sticking with the familiar. Because of this, being thrown into another world makes him constantly freak out and not trust anyone around him. He is very stubborn and skittish, but is also incredibly loyal to his sister, who he will follow into the fire if necessary.

Also known as The White Sorcerer, this demon was one of the most powerful magical figures throughout history and remembered for his tyrannical rise to power. During this time, he lost sight of his originally noble intentions. This caused him to hurt the one closest to him at the time, and he has never forgiven himself for the act.

Helga crossed dimensions and put an end to the Magical Revolution that had been devastating the Third Dimension. She used her machines to become Paragon City’s leader and, to prevent any opposition, she completely outlawed the use of magic. Helga always maintains a pleasant demeanour, which she uses to assure her subjects that everything is fine. She designs all of her robots herself.

The Wizard is a mysterious figure who is often assumed to be a myth by much of the populace. Despite the great risk he is taking, the Wizard freely uses his magic to help the poor, the oppressed and the needy. His walking stick may make him look frail, but it actually helps amplify his power. The Wizard is a kind and caring leader; if a little shy due to his necessary seclusion. He often cracks jokes that no one else understands.

Always smiling, Era is the optimistic and happy sibling out of a set of four identical sisters who were separated when they were around six years old. Being a nymph, she prefers to stay close to nature and lets plants and flowers grow all over her house. She excels in plant magic, but rarely uses it, constantly fearing Helga’s authority. She is extraordinarily generous and will often house people who are looking for a place to stay without looking for anything in return.

I really meant to have this posted earlier... but I got slightly carried away with the colouring. Paint Tool Sai is a wonderful program, and I will certainly be using it to ink the actual pages when I get to them.

I hope you enjoyed these.


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